Forever Friday Inspires Italian Recording Artist

Hey Readers,

The coolest thing happened…. This beautiful song/video was composed by the Italian recording artist, Gian Marco Sale, who was inspired by my novel, Forever Friday. The song is Il Meglio di Noi, which translates The Best of Us. It’s performed by Gian Marco and his brother, Giorgio. These guys can really sing! Their band is called Sale della Terra (Salt of the Earth.) The song is their second single, and will debut on their first album. Their style reminds me of an Italian art song blended with The Eagles. 

So here is Gian Marco’s kind note to me, along with a link to Il Meglio di Noi. Enjoy!

.. I just want to say thank you. Gabe and Pearl were able to inspire me and accompany me on the journey I took in their lives some time ago. I read this book when I believed that love would no longer be possible. Life surprised and denied me by making my heart beat once again. The story of your characters led me to write this song “Il Meglio di Noi”.

My name is Gian Marco Sale, and I’m an Italian singer and together with my brother Giorgio, we have a country pop music project, a band called “Sale della Terra”. This is our second single, our second video, which will be part of our first album, and I just wanted to thank you because I know that in my artistic career there is also a bit of love between Gabe and Pearl.


“Forever Friday” was the first gift I gave to my “only one”, my love, Anna.

Thanks again
Gian Marco Sale

I leave you our video here, our song hoping you can like it ..