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Forever Friday Readers’ Guide

  1. Hope is the novel’s central theme. When Huck met Mister Jack at her secret glen, he instructed her to “grab hope and never let go.” Cite specific examples where Huck followed or didn’t follow Mister Jack’s advice. How does Adam describe hope in the final chapter? What role does hope play in your life? What does the Bible say about hope in Jeremiah 29:11-13? 
  2. In chapter ten, Adam admitted that before finding the postcards, he thought soul mates existed only in fairy tales. “And couples lucky enough to stay together might live ever after, but lied about the happily part.” He then questioned whether soul mates evolved into lovers, or lovers evolved into soul mates? What do you think? 
  3. What is The Long Division? How did Huck and Gabe incorporate the principles of The Long Division into their marriage? What role did The Long Division play in their reconciliation after Kilgore? In our age of internet gaming and social media, what factors might cause a married couple’s “once shared passions” to separate into “single minded interests?” How can The Long Division be applied to our relationship with God? 
  4. Huck was convinced Mister Jack was her guardian angel. After she initially met him in her secret glen, what other places did Mister Jack appear in the novel in some form or fashion? Throughout the Bible, angels were God’s messengers. What messages did Mister Jack deliver to Huck? To Gabe? Has an angel ever delivered a message to you? Explain. 
  5. Adam reasoned that he and his ex-wife, Haley, had a scandalous love affair with their own selfishness. What does he mean? Moreover, he learned what saved Huck and Gabe from The Long Division wasn’t romance, but rather “the willingness each of them had to continually choose each other over their own selfishness.” Cite specific selfless acts married couples might employ. And as with Huck and Gabe, romance just might be the bi-product! 
  6. The poem in chapter twelve Gabe penned for his and Huck’s honeymoon, spoke of “two hearts commanding devotion.” Therefore, two hearts commanding devotion became Huck and Gabe’s mantra. What’s the difference between two hearts commanding devotion and two hearts demanding devotion? (Hint: Adam has thoughts about this in the previous chapter.) 
  7. Anacacho Orchids are native to Texas, and thus used as a positive symbol throughout the novel. Where in the story did Huck find them blooming? After Gabe died and Huck returned to the site of her secret glen, what was the significance of the magnificent Anacacho Orchid? 
  8. Yevette’s mother, Priscilla, advised her daughter to “only trust what was genuine, what was real.” How did that advice affect Yevette’s initial meeting with Adam? When did her feelings toward him begin to change? What was the significance of the Two Tiny Shells necklace in chapter twenty-five? Why is it easy to mistrust others? 
  9. How did Clark’s love of material possessions affect his and Huck’s relationship? Even though Clark tried to rape Huck, she grieved his death. Why? 
  10. Due to a freak childhood accident, Huck couldn’t bear children and thus decided to teach school. After she and Gabe married, they never adopted children of their own. In chapter twenty-two, Huck wishes they’d pursued the idea harder. Why? Later, after Gabe’s and Priscilla’s deaths, what does Huck do concerning adoption? What effect does this have on the final year of her life? 
  11. When Adam discovered the postcards, he began a quest to find the secret to a lasting marriage, “a holy grail of marital bliss.” Instead, he learned the secret was no formula per se, but a culmination of total trust, an unbreakable bond, and completeness; all under-girded by the invisible force of hope. Do you agree with Adam’s conclusions? Why or why not? How can you apply these same principles to your relationship with God?